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Product overview on zpap92
The ZPAP92 is a semi-automatic version of the M92 carbine. It is chambered with the same cartridge but unlike the latter, it got rid of the under-folding stock. It has the same 10-inch barrel but is significantly smaller and lighter. By definition, this more compact variant is categorized as a pistol in the United States. I had heard numerous positive things about the ZPAP92, so I decided to conduct my own examination for this review.

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Brief history OF zastava zpap92
The Serbian firm Zastava zpap92 Arms is responsible for the export of both firearms and hunting weapons. When they made their first cannon in the foundry in Kragujevac in the year 1853, they established the company. This event left an indelible impression on the business and served as a watershed moment in the country’s military industry’s history.

Following World War II, the company was subject to a significant amount of damage. Before, the company’s primary focus was on artillery and weapons; but, after the war, it shifted its attention to small guns.

In 1953, production of the rifle M48 began, and the following year, production of the Kalashnikov-based M67 began. The now-famous Zastava M70 originated from that location. The production line was expanded to accommodate additional items, which included anything from pistols to rifles to machine guns.

When it comes to firearms, the name Zastava Arms is frequently mentioned because the company has been in business for more than 165 years. In 2019, Zastava Arms USA was formed with the purpose of bringing firearms manufactured in Serbia even closer to the market in the United States. The company was able to end the tough patch it had gone through in the past with importers due to centralizing, which was a smart move.


Features on the zpap92 for sale:
7.62x39mm caliber
Semi automatic action
30 +1 round capacity
10″ cold hammer forged chrome lined barrel
Stamped steel 1.5mm receiver with bulged trunnion
Corrosion resistant hard nickle molly steel bolt carrier
Hinged top cover
Bolt hold-open notch on the safety selector
Krinkov style rear, post front sights
Synthetic grip
Wood hand guard
19.3″ overall length
Weight is 6.6 lbs.
The semi-auto ZPAP92 is chambered in 7.62×39. It holds the standard 30-round magazine, which is guided by the dimpled receiver. The 10-inch barrel was hammer forged to ensure durability and great dimensional accuracy.

The chrome-lined barrel was made to resist abrasion and corrosion. This also ensures barrel longevity, allowing it to endure continuous and heavy cycles. The bolt carrier is sturdy as well.

It may not look like it but the barrel is threaded. Under the welded thread protector is a 26mmx 1.5mm pitch left-hand thread for accessories.

The ZPAP92 has a synthetic grip with some line textures. It retained the classic wood handguard common among Yugo rifles as well as the three vent holes. This AK pistol comes with a Krinkov-style rear that aligns with the post-front sight.

The hinged top cover is a convenient feature when cleaning and checking the ZPAP92 inside. With an overall length of 19.3 inches, it is significantly shorter than the 21.65-inch M92 with the stock folded. This compact version also weighs 1.27 pounds less.

zpap92 price
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The ZPAP92 arrived in a box with strange writings that give you that Serbian vibe. Of course, I didn’t understand any of it but it was exciting all the same. Upon opening, the AK pistol looks impressively high quality. The wood was stunning, and the pistol still had factory oil on it.


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